Why RipRoc?

We believe sharing stories and knowledge is what motivates and inspires people to keep doing great things along our rivers. We are also really proud of our team – the landholders, volunteers, scientists, traditional owners and partners who work with us through Rivers of Carbon to protect and restore the waterways in the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales. RipRoc enables people to visually explore and read about all the things we have been doing.

The format is a cross-over of our RipRap Magazine and email newsletter, and we love the big bold images that make you want to find out more. We really want to know if you like RipRoc too, so please get in touch and let us know your thoughts about this new addition to our communications approach. Leave a comment on the stories and share them out with your networks.

RipRoc is an idea Pat and I had one day, we hope you enjoy it!

Siwan and Pat
Siwan and Pat

With huge thanks to our partners who enable us to make RipRoc happen.

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