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We have recently added to our Rivers of Carbon products with an easy to use Stream Condition Checklist and an updated version of the Rapid Appraisal of Riparian Condition for the Southern Tablelands.   We have also produced some beautiful postcards with inspiring quotes that are ideal for the pinboard at work or the fridge at home…

Stream Condition Checklist

Stream_condition_checklist_Page_1This checklist uses photographs and explanations about what a riparian area in poor, moderate and good condition looks like.  It is easy to use and identifies the key characteristics of a healthy riparian zone, and the management actions that can be used to protect and restore these zones depending on their condition.

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RoC Rapid Appraisal of Riparian Condition

RoC-RARC-Final_Page_01Rapid Appraisal of Riparian Condition for the southern tablelands of New South Wales – this is a more technical assessment tool that does require someone with a more detailed ecosytem knowledge of riparian areas. There is training available for groups of 5 people or more at a small cost of $25 per head. If you are interested in some training get in touch with us.

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Rivers of Carbon Postcards

RoC Postcards 2

RoC Postcards 3

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